GEW global entrepreneurship week hull 2018 get involved

GEW 2017

Global Entrepreneurship Week in Hull is a week long programme, focusing on primary, secondary and post-16 events that encourages young people by fostering their entrepreneurial skills with initiatives and support from all areas of the business community.

Last year, as Tech4Schools, we were pleased to support the sterling work done by Charles Cracknell & Mike Notarantonio and their team promoting youth enterprise. This year, PrimaryTec gladly continued to help support this worthy event, in aid of Action Duchenne.

This year, PrimaryTec were pleased to partner with St Richard’s Academy for Monday’s Make £5 Blossom event where a £150 loan is given to the young people to see how they can make that sum grow through whatever money-making schemes they can conceive. Profits are then split between the school and the charity.

Indeed, it was St Richard’s Academy who then took first place at Friday’s Primary Event, sponsored by PrimaryTec, securing for themselves £250 as well as the pride of the school and the parents.

The week was rounded off by a celebration evening hosted at KCOM Craven Park where just over £3000 pounds was raised for Action Duchenne, thanks in no small part to the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank who matched donations, pound-forpound.

PrimaryTec also picked up an award for promoting an enterprise culture in the City for 2017, something for which we are very proud and grateful.

We’re looking forward to the 2018 event already!