ICT Support

Fully responsive support and maintenance service; ICT service reviews and testing.


PTOne is an all encompassing ICT SLA solution which covers all of our core services based on one annual support contract giving you the flexibility to use whichever service you require.

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PTCloud is a hosting platform that removes the current requirement for having a server on-site and is managed, maintained and constantly kept up-to-date. Remote access means “anywhere-anytime” working and includes all the core services your business needs.

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Proactive IT Support

Our team between them has decades of experience. Our ICT Support solution covers all aspects of your technology requirements with onsite visits, remote support and the live chat.

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End User Device Installation & Administration

End user device availability is paramount in the day to day operations of any business. As well as providing procurement and installation services, we proactively ensure all devices are up to date, running smoothly and ready to use.

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Server Installation & Administration

Whether on premise, cloud or hybrid, our Microsoft trained technicians are readily available to install and manage all server environments.

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Hardware & Software Supply

We supply various brands, makes and models of ICT hardware and software at competitive pricing and available with standard or extended warranties. Our ICT consultants are on hand to provide any guidance if required, and to answer any queries you may have.

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Network Management, Security & Firewalls

With the greatest data security risk most likely being an internal breach, we ensure all your internal security and network management is fit for purpose. Utilising modern anti-virus protection and algorithm behaviours, we ensure risk is minimised.

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Web Filtering & Prevent

Partnering with Smoothwall, our chosen web filtering and prevent partner, our centralised filtering and reporting platform ensures your business security and provides management reporting on web usage.

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Cyber Security

With an increase of more than 3 billion records breached over six years, cybercrime is rapidly increasing and businesses need to keep up. As part of our security audit, we ensure your business is receiving the correct security advice.

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Email & Office 365

As a Microsoft Cloud Partner, we ensure your email and Office 365 products are customised to meet your requirements. Fast, reliable and secure, your email and Office 365 collaboration toolset will be proactively managed across all device platforms.

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Secure Cloud Backup

As data backup is paramount, we ensure all backup systems provide a minimum of 3 backups per day to all critical systems. As a Microsoft Cloud Partner we have access to over 50 data centres worldwide and can fully customise your disaster recovery plan, depending on your geographical requirements.

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Audits & Advice

What is your future IT strategy? Our extensive ICT audits and consultancy services can review all aspects of your systems and network infrastructure and work with you to discuss the options and solutions available to ensure your business drivers are met.

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Network Infrastructure

Cabling and wi-fi, large or small; warrantied and accredited.

Network & Data Cabling

We have extensive experience of installing and repairing CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT7.  A well-planned Structured Cabling System is paramount to the continuous flow of information and is essential in the times of ever-changing technology.

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Fibre Optic Networks

Fibre optic cabling has many advantages over traditional copper, and is now the cable of choice for networks that can benefit from the additional speed and capacity it brings. Our fibre technicians are experts in installation, splicing, termination, fault diagnosis, repair and testing. Our specialist fibre capabilities are enhanced when combined with our strategic partners to provide a complete fibre and ducting infrastructure.

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CCTV & Access Control

As securing premises is paramount for every business, our team of experienced security installers have the solution to meet your requirements. Whether you require the installation of a new system or require expansion to an existing system, we are here to help.

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Wireless Networks (Wifi)

We understand that although the technology behind those wireless networks is the same, the use of wireless technology varies per location. Our design specialists ensure that your wireless network works for your business. The network design will also take into account your existing network and future network demands.

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Network Testing & Diagnosis

The reliability of your data network is key to a reliable IT network. Our team of accredited data technicians can test, diagnose and repair your data network.

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Audio & Visual

Installations, maintenance and support for a wide range of interactive solutions.

Interactive Solutions

Partnering with all the major interactive solution specialists (Sahara, Smart, Promethean and Epson). We not only supply and install your desired solution, we can provide training as well.

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Digital Signage

Often the focal point for an reception area, are you utilising the benefits of a signage system?

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Entry Systems

Alongside CCTV and Access Control, safeguarding is paramount. Our digital entry systems will also assist your business in meeting your GDPR requirements, removing the need for sign-in books.

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Sound Systems

We specialise in the installation of speaker systems, amplifiers, concert equipment, audio mixers, public address systems (PA), sound reinforcement systems and much more! We have installed our audio solutions and given volume to various locations including, reception areas, classrooms, school halls, lecture theatres, conference rooms, auditoriums, hotels, factories, outdoor events and other establishments in need of acoustics.

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Training & Conferences

Guidance on technology and integration; training modules with coaching and mentoring.

Online Safety

We have our own Online Safety support packages, geared towards helping your staff remain safe online at all times, thereby protecting your business.

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ICT Skills Audit

Companies employ staff with a range of talents, not always ICT. We will audit the staff’s ICT training needs, and plan and deliver training courses as required.

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Microsoft Training

With the ever changing Office 365 and client operating systems, would members of your team benefit from training on these end-user Office applications? Training can be bespoke to your business and personel requirements.

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The best solutions for telephone systems, VOIP, internet, remote connectivity or home working.

Telephone Systems & VOIP

Whether your business has traditional fixed lines, SIP or hosted VoIP platforms we can provide a solution that is right for your business and your budget, integrating with your ICT systems we can provide a flexible solution.

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Internet Connectivity

As an independent provider we are uniquely positioned to provide the best fixed-line internet services at the most competitive price whether it is KC, BT or any other provider available in your region. All of our connectivity solutions inter connect with our hosted solutions; this also provides access to our web filtering and firewalling, ensuring the security of your business.

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Telephone Line & Call Packages

We offer all traditional fixed line telephony services including analogue, ISDN2 and ISDN30 lines. Our team of telecom specialists can ensure you are on the best tarrif.

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30 years of technology solutions for business; informed advice and recommendations.

ICT Audits

ICT audits are a requirement in order to keep up with ever changing technology. To ensure your business is never left behind, an audit is the first step on the road to IT future planning.

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Security Audits

Are you ready for GDPR and the ever increasing cybercrime risks? Let our team of security specialists reduce the risk.

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Future Strategy Planning

What is your future IT strategy? Alongside our extensive ICT audits review all aspects of technology including the important user experience. Our ICT consultants review all audits and provide strategy options, bespoke to your business.

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With the new General Data Protection Regulations starting May 2018, we ensure your business is aware of the potential impacts. We can provide GDRP audits, training and guidance. We also offer outsourced DPO service.

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Efficient and responsible supply management.

ICT Hardware

Partnerships with all the major brands (Dell, Acer, HP, Toshiba, Microsoft, Samsung, Cisco to name a few) through direct distributors, we can boast a large product portfolio. Whether single items or bid pricing, our sales advisors can provide competitive pricing and helpful advice.

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Partnerships with all the major brands (Microsoft, Google, Sage, VEEAM to name a few) through direct partnerships, we can boast a large product portfolio. Whether single items or bid pricing, our sales advisors can provide competitive pricing and helpful advice.

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Network Hardware

Partnerships with all the major network switching, firewall and router brands (Dell, HP, Cisco to name a few) through direct distributors, we can boast a large product portfolio. Whether single items or bid pricing, our sales advisors can provide competitive pricing and helpful advice.

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Ensuring the correct software licensing thereby reducing the risk of being incorrectly licensed at the point of purchase and use. Maintaining licensing as part of your IT structure, individually or bundled, saving you time and money.

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