The flexibility of Credit allocation

PTOne is our unique and all-encompassing ICT SLA solution which covers all our core services and alleviates the need for fixed support visits. Based on one annual support contract, PTOne provides faster response times, gives you the flexibility to use whichever service you require and saves you money.


What is the solution? How do we resolve this?

PTOne converts your current fixed visit time into Credits. Those Credits can then be used on any of PrimaryTec’s core services; ICT Support, Consultancy, Training, Audio & Visual, Network Infrastructure, Telecoms.

Each core service is given a Credit value. Helpdesk and Remote Support are allocated 30% of Credits, and 32% of Credits are allocated free of charge. This gives complete remote support for each business.





I am happy the way things are; do I need to change?

No, you do not need to change. If you are happy with the way your fixed ICT visits work and the older SLA works for you, then we are happy to continue as you are. However, we would definitely recommend a phased approach so you can start to experience how the flexible way of working would benefit your business.

What if I need more Credits? Can I still purchase service without Credits?

More Credits can be added at any time. Our sales team can assist with any Credit queries you may have. You can also continue to pay directly for any services should you not wish to use Credits.

Will we use Credits for minor issues which require a site visit?

If an issue arises which we believe can be only be resolved by a member of staff visiting on site, then a Credit will need to be allocated and you will be advised of this. We will always try to talk someone through the fix first, if at all possible. If you specifically request a visit then a Credit will be used. Details of your business’s available Credits, and Credits allocated, can be viewed on our portal.

SLAs – New vs Old

Remote support will always offer a much faster response than the fixed-visit way of working.

Analysis of previous years’ figures collated from our automated support system shows that on average 62% of issues could have been resolved remotely and therefore much faster, some almost immediately, by removing the fixed-visit.

Support will be available through our directly contactable, East Yorkshire based help desk via either phone or email or online Live Chat. Live Chat enables users to connect directly with a member of the Helpdesk Support Team. This will enable managers to request assistance at the time they need it and get an immediate response.

PTOne’s new way of working enables faster SLA response times while still providing the flexibility that you require.