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PrimaryTec are using technology to change the way businesses manage their IT services leading to improved service.

Understanding the needs of employees enables us to offer relevant solutions by partnering with first-class technological services meaning a targeted and effective working environment can not only be achieved, but maintained.

We service businesses of any size, irrespective of how complex your needs and we have the expertise and experience to deliver with efficiency and professionalism.

What is PTCloud?

PTCloud is our ultimate, all-encompassing, hybrid, hosting platform. Our cloud architects have designed and developed a unique and powerful hosting platform which merges the benefits of Microsoft Azure, Google and Office 365 thereby allowing the vital departments within a company to make the most out of the whole system.

Unique features within PTCloud include allowing businesses to budget up to nine years in advance whilst ensuring technology is refreshed every three. It also has all the required elements of business technology system, including end-user devices.

PTCloud alleviates the requirements for on-premises servers and because every subscriber receives new end-user devices every three years it ensures your technology is constantly updated without the need for repeated capital expenditure on depreciating assets. PTCloud ensures technology throughout the company is of a high standard and is highly available.

Why PTCloud?

Because businesses traditionally replace their on-premises servers and end-user devices every five to six years, this often results in a varying age of equipment throughout the company. With the ever-changing technology demands within the office and administration areas, this delayed upgrade cycle results in the end user devices having below par performance, often being unavailable due to repair and inevitably, leading to frustrated end users. PTCloud eliminates this.


PTCloud PrimaryTec graphic microsoft office 365 G suite for education

How would this benefit businesses?

A comapny’s administrative tasks have always predominantly been based on a Microsoft product platform. PTCloud, utilising a hosted desktop solution, allows the administration staff to continue on a Microsoft operating system whilst ensuring seamless access to collaborate with the office staff. This hosted platform allows staff to securely access all required documents, email systems, finance systems, MIS systems etc, from both inside the company and while on the move.

PTCloud allows the specific schools’ departments to utilise their favoured cloud platforms, whilst seamlessly collaborating between the two, all in one place and within budget


As standard PTCloud includes;

PTcloud credit allocation table with data